ICF European Report

ICF Executive Director Drummond Reed just returned from a two-week trip to the EU. He shares the following observations:

My first stop was giving a keynote at the NordSec conference in Oslo, wonderfully organized by Dr. Audun Jøsang of the University of Oslo. The agenda was one of the richest of any conference in my recent memory; I found myself taking notes constantly on talks covering STORK, ID management based on mobile SIM cards, and privacy risks in Web 2.0, among other topics.

The day ended with a panel on “Global identity management – a threat or an opportunity for privacy?” I spoke strongly in favor of the opportunity Information Card technology offers for privacy protection, and how the U.S. government’s open identity solutions initiative is taking advantage of this. That initiative and the ICF/OIDF open trust frameworks project drew a great deal of interest among the largely EU-based audience—its potential for helping “raise the bar” on Internet privacy was one the main themes of the panel.

ICF DACH Chapter LogoMy next stop was a meeting of the ICF DACH (German-speaking) Chapter in Berlin. Hosted by Deustche Telecom Laboratories, the meeting was attended by fun communications, CORISECIO, and Microsoft Europe, plus representatives of the German government’s upcoming eID card. Discussion covered a wide range of topics including how Information Cards could help extend the uses of the German eID card; how CORISECIO’s Mobile CardSpace product extended the reach of Information Cards to a mobile environment; how Deustche Telecom envisions an entire ecosystem of card-based mobile applications; and how digital Information Cards can be integrated with physical cards of all kinds, as illustrated by fun communication’s award-winning WebCard Loyalty program.

After spending the weekend in Berlin with Markus Sabadello, a key contributor to the Information Card implementation at the open source Higgins Project, my third destination was London. Here I briefed representatives of the UK government’s DirectGov portal on the U.S. open trust framework initiative; met with the principals of the MyDex personal information sharing utility about their plans to use Information Cards and relationship cards for user-controlled Vendor Relationship Management; and attended an organizational meeting for the ICF UK Chapter.

The latter included MyDex and Avoco Secure, the UK company most active in Information Card technology, having already produced i-card based digital document signing solutions. Avoco promises a major announcement at the Internet Identity Workshop next week; watch this space for details.

Speaking of IIW, that’s where the majority of the Information Card community will be next week. Twice a year this unique open space meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA becomes ground zero for the Internet identity community worldwide, and this next meeting—the ninth in the series—is already exploding with new ideas and proposals. If you have the chance to attend, don’t miss it. If you can’t make it, watch the tweet stream, and look for a roundup here on this blog (after we’ve had a chance to catch our breath).

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