Featured Card Projects

These are capsule summaries of each project - click the card image or the text to see a full description.

AAA Discount Reminders helps you never forget another discount as an AAA member. Available initially to members of AAA Washington, the AAA card works with Azigo and Kynetx technology to automatically remind you when a website offers an AAA discount on products or services.

ChoixVert Information Card empowers Internet users to learn about the social responsibility of companies and products on the Internet. Issued by the non-profit Project ChoixVert organization, it automatically generates visual indicators in your browser reminding you to "choose green".

The Equifax Over 18 I-Card is a first-of-its-kind digital identity management solution designed to make online transactions easier and more secure for both consumers and businesses. For the first time people can share verified personal data such as their profile, purchase preferences, or payment history.

 The Minuteman Library Network Information Card contains the user's library card number as the primary claim. Presenting this card to the web site of a Minuteman member library authenticates the user's library account and grants them access to all the online resources to which they are entitled.

 Student Advantage RemindMe helps families take advantage of the United State's largest student discount program by providing automatic online reminders of Student Advantage deals on flights, academic software, fashion, mobile phone contracts, and more.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) I-Card shows how Information Cards can be used to authenticate users to a government demonstration website with appropriate assurance levels, while preserving privacy, improving security, and virtually eliminating password phishing.

WebCard Loyalty from fun communications adapts conventional card-based customer loyalty programs to the Internet using Information Cards. Via the WebCard Loyalty portal, any company can quickly issue their own online loyalty card for one-click login, bonus programs, and coupon promotions.


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